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The Children’s Advocacy Center of Ottowa County

One of our Loan officers in Joplin, Missouri is on the board for The Children’s Advocacy Center of Ottowa County. The purpose of that organization is to work with local police and sheriff’s offices in Ottawa County in order to protect and represent physically and sexually abused children in Ottawa County.  They take in the child(ren) and have certified interviewers/investigators that not only keep them safe, but work with the District Attorney to prosecute the adult that caused the problem.  During 2017, they worked on 141 cases that went to court.

The organization has been housed in a small rental house for the last several years. They have been saving money and making sacrifices to raise the funds to build a facility that will not only meet their current needs, but expand on their mission by adding exam rooms and potentially a courtroom to help the child remain in a safe, comfortable environment.  They currently have saved about half of the money needed to complete the project. In June they broke ground and began this journey, beginning the construction on a plot of land that has been donated; they are hopeful for donations from the community to finish what they have started.

For more information on The Children’s Advocacy Center of Ottowa or information on how to donate, please email Cale Ritter at critter@firsttrusthomeloans.com